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These are examples of some projects that I have led in companies such as digital marketing agencies, e-commerce agencies, newspapers and universities. is a self-service platform for advertisers, that allows the configuration and purchase of digital campaigns through electronic payment options 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. is an online gift store, which has a visual product configuration system that provides a fun shopping experience, which allows it to stand out in their market.

Interactive web course for the business administration faculty of the Externado University. It integrates content in text, images and video organized units of study.

Wireframing and prototyping for news media company new self service platform. Designs based on previous discovery analisis of the market.

Interactive prototype for the mobile application ‘GO’, which includes search and booking services for tourist experiences around the world.

Interactive course on free trade agreements that includes animation, slideshows, games, audio, video and lectures.

Interactive course on mental health for violence victims that includes animation, slideshows, games, audio and video.

Interactive course on food and beverages management in hospitality business that includes animation, slideshows, inetractive excercises, audio and video.

Interactive learning content for virtual learning environments.

Showcase of animation samples.

Digital prototypes of industrial parts for shielding and earthing systems IQI. Design and visualization of metal parts for lightning protection systems. Simulation and optimization of digital designs virtually. Presentation of the pieces with simulated materials and environments.

Design, 3D modeling and animated exploded simulation of Ionizing Lightning Protection A.AES.

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