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Rollerblading and graffiti in Bogota

Get to know the downtown of the capital city of Colombia: Bogotá. Through a ride on 26 avenue one of the most iconics roads of the city, where you can have great views of the Monserrate mountain, the Colpatria Building, the Tequedama hotel, among others. Plus the diverse street art that makes this ride very enjoyable.


It was very sad when the COVID pandemic prevent us to practice our hobbies. Hopefully rollerblading was there for letting us to interact safely outside. This night ride was different and let us enjoy again like little kids. There wasn’t candies but a lot of laughs for sure.

7th street ride

The 7th street has historically allowed Bogota citizens to commute fastly from the north to the city downtown. But it was only until 2016 when it was enabled an exclusive lane for the use of bicycles and alternative means of transportation. Today it is one of the most trafficked routes for athletes on wheels who want to move along its 21 km long. It has some steep sections that allow you to practice some downhill.


December is an excellent month to share time with friends and what better excuse than a night route to see the lights of the city and catch the good Christmas atmosphere. The town of Usaquen is characterized by its big houses of colonial architecture which are carefully illuminated at this time of year.

route by the outskirts of the city

The surroundings of Bogota offer a beautiful panorama of the countryside through lot of roads surrounded by nature that allow you to discover special places. This long-distance route allowed us to visit Tenjo and Tabio, two charming colonial-style towns where we enjoyed pleasant spaces and very friendly people. Pro tip: The cobbled streets are not very suitable for skating but you can always walk to try a typical dessert or buy a craft.


Going out to skate at the end of a long day is the best therapy to release all the tensions of work and accumulated stress. Bogota Patina (BP) is a group of skaters that organize day and night tours to bring together everyone who is passionate about urban skating. Its main purpose is to encourage the appropriation of public space to transmit a positive message around physical activity and contributing to healthy coexistence and civic culture.

The street + the skates + the music = Happiness

“Freeride skating is the opportunity to fully connect with your five senses. When I skate I forget everything else and can enjoy the simplicity of living in the present moment.”