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 Dario Andres Rios

Product Manager and Marketing Specialist

I aim to lead digital transformation with a strategic vision and innovation, through agile development in high-performance teams.

Product Manager

Product manager with 10 years of experience in education, e-commerce, news media, and online advertising industries. Implementing digital strategy with a data-driven approach to ensure continuous delivery of value in web portals, mobile applications, and multimedia content.

Scrum Master and Product Owner

Certified Scrum Master and Product owner with 5 years of experience in agile projects leading the integration of design, development, and infrastructure resources and applying a wide range of methodologies and tools to achieve agile work dynamics and high-performance teams.

Skills / Services

Content Production

I produce any type of multimedia content for web portals and social networks, that reach specific business goals including graphic design, photo, video, and copywriting.

Website Development

I develop websites leveraged in a comprehensive discovery of user needs, achieving innovative experiences and detailed interfaces that lend these sites to stand out in their markets.

UX and UI

I follow established design standards, workflows, and guidelines to get client-focused experiences and engaging user interfaces (UI) that deliver tangible business results.

Strategic and Agile Management

I lead interdisciplinary teams to achieve the best performance and results on digital products. I manage all digital project areas by applying the Lean and Scrum framework principles. 

Digital Marketing

I develop multichannel advertising campaigns and pricing strategies, with the expert use of SEO, Social Media, and targeting tools. I employ market research methods to reach the demographic data of specific audiences.

Data Analysis

Looking to maximize the ROI of digital products I make the analysis, visualization, and reporting of key data such as web traffic, CTR, and conversions, finding timely recommendations for their improvement and evolution.

These are some examples of digital projects and digital products I had the honor to lead:

Self service advertisment platform is a self-service platform for advertisers that offer a 24/7 channel to SMEs and agencies that want to increase their visibility in the largest network of portals in Colombia.

El Tiempo Ads is having a very positive impact on the public and is constantly evolving, streamlining processes and providing new opportunities for businesses and companies. 

This project was a winner in the Google Innovation Challenge 2019 and was awarded USD 250,000 to finance its execution.

E-commerce stores is one of many online stores I’ve developed in Woocommerce, seeking to create innovative shopping experiences that allow the stores to stand out in their markets. This one has a special visual product configuration system for ordering customizable gifts in a fun way. 

E-learning platform

The Externadista Virtual Community ( is a platform that provides different support services to the academy, which leads the Externado de Colombia University in the pedagogical appropriation of information and communication technologies. The main services are a library of virtual courses and MOOCs, a repository of tools for the production of E-learning content, and teaching support in the use of these tools, among others.

Corporate multisite is a corporate website for a multinational company that collects the information of its different brands and services in a simple, clear and stylish structure of navigation.

Sport center website with booking system is a sports and leisure company that provides several services and activities that include Capoeira, Football, Dance, Music, and more. The customers can book classes and pay for them through Stripe on the website.

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I assist companies, brands, agencies, & entrepreneurs with (digital) innovation. By designing their products and services, but even more importantly by answering their digital strategy challenges: What do we do?’ Who for?’, Why exactly?’ & Where do we start?’

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“If you’re not failing, you’re not pushing your limits, and if you’re not pushing your limits, you’re not maximizing your potential”
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